3. Place the Base Mounting Plate inside the RIDGID case - there are slots in the front left and right corners which self-align the Base Plate to the case.​
1. If you are installing single PowerLab 8 chargers, the first installation step is to remove some of the plastic from the bottom of the charger's "feet". This is required for proper clearance from the Deck and parallel boards mounted above. This step is not required for PowerLab 6 or Dual PowerLab 8x2 chargers.

Using a Dremel, sander, hot wire cutter, or other method, remove approximately 1/8" of the back corner of the feet. Use the Base Mounting Plate as a guide for how much plastic needs to be removed - the feet should not protrude past the bottom of the Base when held firmly in place.​

NOTE: Modifying the feet in this way will not void your PowerLab warranty.


4. Using the ten (10) holes in the Base Mounting Plate as the guide, drill 5/32" holes through the bottom of the RIDGID case to accept the 4mm mounting screws. Insert the 4mm button cap screws from the bottom and secure with the 4mm lock nuts inside the case.

Intelligent Power Solutions

6. Install the DPS-1200FB power supplies in the same method as the PowerLabs.

NOTE: We recommend adding double-sided tape or velcro under the power supplies to keep them from being able to slide front-to-back if the case is dropped.​
2. Insert the velcro binder straps through the slots in the Base Mounting Plate. Straps are inserted from the top and looped back through the bottom. The binder rings are always positioned toward the outside of the case, so those outer slots are where the straps are inserted.

NOTE: Single PowerLab 6/8 chargers get a pair of velcro straps running across the charger (left to right) and the Dual PowerLab 8x2 charger gets a pair of velcro straps running top to bottom.
5. Install the PowerLabs first, then the power supplies. For the PowerLabs, the Base Mounting Plate has cutouts which hold the charger feet

NOTE: If installing a pair of single PowerLab 6/8 chargers, install the left charger first, then the right - this allows you to slide the right charger down into the interconnect slots of the left charger.